Anders Hongslo

Anders HongsloGet to know Anders:

Anders is a senior software developer who has a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering with his master in Artificial Intelligence, cognition and interaction and who during his career has had his focus on and interest in technology around software development.

He is a very structured, meticulous, enterprising and positive problem solver with a sense for details who in different roles like software developer, software architect, test developer and technical project manager has had the opportunity to contribute with his technical competence, experience and commitment to develop great products.

Anders has a great interest in developing high quality software, everything from the way code is written to be efficiently readable and able to be maintained, to a thorough work on requirements and testing of the code. He is used to adhere to strict software requirements, having worked towards the requirements on information security of  the Swedish Armed Forces. He finds it easy to cooperate and communicate with colleagues, and is skilled at expressing himself in text and speech.

Anders appreciates facing complicated technical challenges and has an ability to quickly gain an understanding of an existing code base, different development environments and new technologies. This together with his knowledge, experience and programming skills enables him to quickly learn new roles and contribute to the results of the team.

Privately, he has always felt a passion and curiosity for technology and computers. Beyond this he has a rich plethora of other interests, such as traveling, programmable electronics, board games, computer games, body-building, nutrition and cooking.

Anders prefers himself in the role of software developer or architect. He is happy to surround himself with new people to work together to solve varied and interesting problems to jointly develop the product and further his skills.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Linux, Solaris, Embedded
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, C#, .NET, Powershell, Java, LISP, SQL, VB, JS, bat, bash
Tools & Methods Continuous Integration, Jenkins, Qt, Jira, ISO 9001, Subversion, Git, Mercurial SCM, GCC, GDB, Eclipse, make, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, M-Files, LaTex, Requirement handling, Device Driver Development, Prototyping, Release procedures, Cryptography, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, Active cards.
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description

Software Developer 

201804 – present


Technical Project Manager and Technical Architect 

201611 – 201703 & 201705 – 201804

Project Manager for the related pre study and later technical architect for the product development as the company gained renewed contract as a consequence of the pre study. An initial delivery of the product to customer was early 2018. The product is a cryptographic software product developed in C++ and C# that utilises smart cards for secure and encrypted network printouts.




C++, C#, .NET, CryptoAPI, CNG, active cards (smart cards), printer

Specialised Code Reviewer 

201612 – 201710

Execution of several code reviews per assignments from different companies who applied for authorisation from the Swedish Lottery Inspection. The code review has been performed for small as well as larger actors in e.g. the bingo business. The assignments also included reporting where discovered deficiencies was explained to different target groups. In certain cases there reviews discovered severe errors that other instances previously missed.




Developed tools in Python to facilitate the code reviews.

C#, .NET, C++, SQL, VB, JS, C

Software Developer

201510 – 201601 & 201405 -201409

Expansion of a file encryption application to showcase a prototype with new functionality




C++, QT, active cards (smart cards)

Software Developer 

201610 – 201611 & 201404 – 201405

Expansion of a configuration application for high speed encryption.




C++, Qt

Software Developer 

201307 – 201308

Development of software for file transfer via data diode. Design and implementation of a prototype for a file transfer service via a physical data diode. The prototype was demonstrated through drag and drop transfer of files and catalogues from one side of the diode to the other. The prototype utilized Python and inotify. The selfmade protocol utlilised metadata with file names and check sums and the prototype supported configurable resending, error detection and error correction. In the end this led to a successful commercial product.




Algorithm development, Prototyping, Python, inotify

Software Developer 

201303 – 201304

Design and implementation of different internal documentation tools used in Microsoft Word to ease the release of documents. The tools are created in Python, C#, .NET




C#, .NET, Python, Microsoft Office Word, M-files

Software Developer and Test Developer 

201206 –

Development and maintenance of Crypto-API. Design, studies, documentation and testing of the Swedish Armed Forces’ Crypto-API KrAPI. KrAPI is a programming interface used to handle the cryptographic resources, e.g. smart card readers. crypto cards and active cards (e.g. TAK and TEID). The work has entailed expansion of the product and the test framework and also development of new components in the product. Developed a test robot.

C++, Continuous Integration, ”cross platform”-development: Windows/Linux, AD, Qt, active card (smart cards) PKI, C, Jenkins, test robot, Common Criteria, CNG, PKCS#11, PKCS#15, device driver development for Windows (UMDF), Electronics, Python

Software Developer and Test Developer 

201206 –

Development and maintenance of FM tunnel. Design, implementation and testing of the Swedish Armed Forces’ (SAF) Tunnel. FM Tunnel is used to establish network connections that require authentication, qualification control and logging in the SAF information system. The product uses TLS encrypted tunnels with PKI and the software is written in C++.

The work has for example entailed design and implementation of new modules to e.g. present cryptographic information in connections for servers and execute parsing of various network protocols. 

Design and implementation of the test framework with adhering test and test documentation. The test framework (written mainly in Python) has been used for automated system tests and to quickly generate comprehensive bases for external crypto verifications that has been successfully executed. 

Developed support for logging with HP ArcSight CEF and created test environment for this. 

Work on both frontend (QT) and backend sides of the status application showing information  the connections. Successfully executed a cryptographic prestudy involving OpenSSl and PolarSSL (mbed TLS).

The work has also included creating test environments and testis for e.g. technologies such as SWL, BDI and ARcGIS and also continuous integration.

C++, Python, CI, Linux ”cross platform”-development: Windows/Linux, Cryptographic, active card (smart cards) automated testing, google test, WiX, QT, Powershell, Wireshark, IPv4, IPv6, SOCKS, various network protocols and parsing of such (LDAP, CIFS/SMB/SMB2, NTLMSSP, etc.)

Software Developer and Test Developer




201204 – 

Development of FM Netfilter. The Swedish Armed Forces’ Netfilter is a product that can be used to filter and redirect network traffic on a system running on Windows. The work involved design and implementation of a system test framework, adhering system tests and expansion of the product itself.

C++, Qt, WiX, cryptographic, device driver development for Windows (kernel mode)  TDI, WFP

Software Developer and Test Developer




201204 – 201212

FKA is a military file encryption application written in C++ that utilizes Qt for its GUI. The work has included blackbox testing, design and implementation of automated system tests and expansion of the product.

C++, Qt, WiX, cryptographic