Andreas Wallin

Get to know Andreas:

As an embedded systems engineer I am knowledgeable about both software and hardware engineering. I have mostly worked on different safety-critical systems or tooling around embedded systems. I am happy working close to the hardware and have experience from both software and hardware.

As a person I am social and a good communicator. I have an easy time adapting to new circumstances. I am good at sharing my experience with others.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows
Programming/scripting C, C++, Java, C#, XML, Python, Labview, Labview FPGA
Tools & Methods Microsoft Office, Enterprise Architect, Altium Designer, Eclipse, QAC, Git, PC-Lint, IAR Embedded Workbench, Redmine, Advanced Design System, MultiSim, Jenkins
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Consultant, Calibration Software Engineer
2015 – Present
As part of the Software Calibration team I have worked on an automotive active-safety vision product. The product is to be classified as an ASIL-B level product according to the safety standard ISO 26262, as part of that goal I champion for software-craftmanship within the team, to take pride in our code, make it the best we can. To work towards a metrics and evidence based development where we can be sure the quality of the product is high.
ISO 26262 ASIL-B, Safety critical, Calibration
Consultant, Embedded Software Engineer
2012 – 2015
Development of a new digital bus-based temperature sensor network product series for industrial settings. My responsibilities was to design and develop software diagnostics of the measurement front-end circuitry, with regards to critical-safety; system-wide fault handling. As one of the goals for the products was to certify them as compliant upto SIL-2 according to the safety standard IEC 61508 the focus during development was on reliability and robustness. Part of that was writing extensive unit tests and functional test suites.
IEC 61508 SIL-2, Safety-critical, error-management
Consultant, Software Engineer
2011 – 2012
My responsibility was to adapt and further modify the prototype UTP software and hardware to meet the needs for use within the research project FUSS, a part of Vinnova’s DFEA2020 project.
UTP was improved to handle dynamic test cases where the timing between multiple input signals was critical. Improved the state of the tools recording functions and made it more reliable.
HIL (hardware-in-the-loop), unit test
Software developer
2008 – 2011
My responsibility was to port and enhance StatechartDesigner an inhouse tool for graphically creating state-charts (hierarchical state machines). From the graphical representation the tool could generate C-code. The porting was done from C# to Java. Further improvements was to make it only use the generated code as a base for the graphical representation, the generated C-code was the source for the tool. One of my last tasks was to add Java and C# as sources to StatechartDesigner.
I also worked on license management in C# for a customer phone management application and in Java for StatechartDesigner.