Dimitrios Serakis

Get to know Dimitrios:

My greatest driving force is to see how a product is developed, tested and integrated with the costumer. There are many different processes used to develop a product. Regardless of the process used, it is important to me to understand how a change in the source code travels from the developer to the customer.  Through continuously working with and understanding the flow I can see how it is possible to, through adaptions and changes, increase quality while simultaneously increasing the speed of the development process. I like working close to technology and at the same time working close to project leading and the customer to gain an understanding of how we as a team can create a product in the best possible way. I am comfortable in the role of software developer but also gladly take on leading roles, such as technical leader, team leader,  SCRUM master or software designer. 

The feedback I have received from previous employments and assignments is that I generate a positive energy to my surroundings and that I with my very good technical knowledge and leadership qualities has demonstrated an ability to cooperate and hold together all involved stakeholders to reach the targets. That I with my perseverance, attitude and engagement carry out tasks and solve problems both independently and jointly in a group in a structured and productive way, where my large portion of professionalism, respect and knowledge engages and involves individuals in my surroundings.

From my perspective I can see that my main strengths are my ability to communicate and cooperate with people and bring fourth positive relations. I add a lot of enthusiasm to work, am driving in what I do and am a very open person who can easily create a personal relation to people in my surroundings. As a colleague I am energetic, hardworking, thorough, loyal, and enjoy a challenge where there is a possibility for development.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Unix/Linux, LTE
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Erlang, Java, Python, shell script, PERL, Matlab/Simulink, PHP, VHDL
Tools & Methods Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, TDD – Test Driven Development, Build Management, Configuration Management, Test, Jenkins, Git, SVN, Subversion, Gerrit, Jira, ClearCase, Eclipse, NetBeans, make, SCRUM, Agile/Lean, Microsoft Office, AutoIt
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Consultant, System Engineer
Sep 2016 – Present
Development of a tire pressure system where the role is to test the software of the new models in a certain car industry. Product code is developed in C/C++ and the build/test environment is built on Jenkins Python and Scons. Work also includes test driving to verify the product code in a car where it is tested that the signals have the correct appearance in CAN.
Technical Leader/Team Leader
Mar 2014 – Sep 2016
Leader for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery where we build the software for both LTE and Multi standard base station based on a Linux platform. Also including releasing the software to customer. The role was also about being the heart and engine of the integration flow and giving feedback both to developers and project leader. The work includes developing towards Continuous Deployment which is a strive and a goal.
Team Leader (6-9 people) for one of the quality areas performing tests in the later test flow executed just before release.
Test Leader/Software Architect
Feb 2013 – Mar 2014
Design and implementation of automatised GUI test cases for regression tests of new versions of the CAD systems used to design a new air plane. It also included development of new test strategies and introducing and implementation of Continuous Integration.
Software Developer Tester
Jan 2011 – Jan 2013
Development of automated case series for regression test for Continuous Integration. Responsibility areas that included building and testing the LTE software for base station continuously every hour to create fast feedback and create a new base line.