Henrik Andersson

Henrik Andersson

Get to know Henrik:

My greatest inspiration is to follow the development of a product and mine alongside it. I enjoy being challenged, learn new technology, and see new products and solutions grow over time. I appreciate having a good understanding of the entirety and to continually acquaint myself with new codebases to also get to know and understand the solution and the product in a detailed level. This creates the best pre-conditions for me to contribute in a positive way in my daily work. Through it I can contribute with my knowledge, dedication, and my ideas to add to solutions, raise the quality, and achieve the goals. I am a team player and enjoy the dynamics and the advantages of learning from each other in a team, at the same time I am comfortable working independently and take responsibility for different parts of the work. 

The feedback I have received from my previous employments and assignments is that I generate positive energy to my surroundings, that I am a team player with very good technical knowledge who has the ability to understand the greater perspective and se what is enough for now and that I as a colleague is hard working, thorough, and loyal. From my perspective I perceive my greatest strengths as my ability to communicate and cooperate with people, my dedication and my curiosity. I see myself being able to alternate between meticulously and dedicatedly working on solving a problem or task and a dynamic environment with a high tempo where it is constantly required to stop and quickly reflect on what you are doing and sometimes find new ways forward and sometimes totally rethink and back up in your work. I enjoy working close to the technology but love to see a connection to the market and customer to gain a wider understanding of what is relevant. I have during my career had and enjoyed the opportunity to work with both internal and external stakeholders.

My interest in and curiosity about programming was founded during my studies in Electronics and Automation. There we students were given the opportunity to work with programming 8-bit microprocessors. To learn more and satiate my thirst for knowledge I parallelly started to study one more program in programming at a distance. Since my interest was so great I finished both educations in shorter time than planned and started my professional career in 2010. This great interest in technology, development, and programming has since then followed me both privately and professionally and has developed into a way of living. This has lead to a very wide competence and my appreciation of programming in most languages and technologies and I see new such acquaintances not as an obstacle but a positive opportunity.

Operating systems/Platforms Unix/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, IoT, IP-TV
Programming/scripting Javascript, Java, NodeJS, React Native, React, GoLand, Android, Ruby, Swift, XML, JSON, Websocket, C/C++, C#
Tools & Methods Design Driven Development, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, TDD – Test Driven Development, Jenkins, Git, SVN, Jira, Eclipse, NetBeans, Make, Maven, Ant, SCRUM, Kanban
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Software Developer
2017 – 2019
Development of IoT systems where the role has been both to develop applications and backend. The product is written in NodeJS, Goland and React NativeGolang, NodeJS, React, React Native, Make, Git, websocket. Postgress, Jira, Trello, Jenkins, REST
Software Developer
2014 – 2018
Development of TV product for IP-TV. Built both backend and frontend, including the surrounding systems for retrieving program data, checking the status of IP-TV-boxes etc.Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Spring, Hibernate, Tomcat, Eclipse, CSS, HTML, Handlebars, Socket.IO (Websockets), React, MariaDB, XML, JSON, Android, GIT, REST, Ruby, Bash
Software Developer
2016 – 2017
Project to trigger on physical changes in digital gateways and create an alarm system from this trigger that utilizes push and if needed a siren. A server software was developed in NodeJS on Raspberry Pis and an adjoining app in React Native.NodeJS, React Native, Javascript, Css, HTML, Raspberry Pi, Git, Jira
Software developer
2016 – 2017
Development of a portal and API for registration of measurement data from moisture measurements of walls.NodeJS, Javascript, CSS, HTML, Raspberry Pi, Git, Jira, Handlebars
Software developer / Maintenance Engineer
2012 – 2014
Worked on developing and extending a platform for handling different e-documents such as invoices etc. The platform was upgraded from older Java-versions to later.

Java, JMS, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Encrypt, REST, SOAP, Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, Java BEans, JSP, JSF, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Maven, Ant, Make.

 Software developer / Professional Services

2010 – 2012

Developed IP-TV-middleware based on Java with a Javascript/SVG based client. Educated customers in client development and participated in core development of the product in both frontend and backend.
Java, Spring, Hibernate, XML, Tomcat, Jetty, SVG, CSS, Javascript, Ant, Ruby, SVN