Johan Enmyren

Johan Enmyren

Get to know Johan:

I am a curious and meticulous person with a great interest in technology that enjoys variation. I like to understand the big picture, and the way things connect to each other, but also the details around what I am working on at the moment. Learning new things and working on technically challenging projects are big incentives for me.

Since programming is one of my greatest interests, I am the most satisfied in the role of software developer and that is also where I have the most work life experience. I am more than happy to work with software development with a focus on algorithm development, both with direct and indirect tasks that propels the development of the product or service forward. Other areas of interest are deep learning and game development where I have lately chosen to advance my knowledge through courses. 

I enjoy cooperating and is happy to work in an agile team, a workform I beleive five both personal development and is the key to succeed in challenging projects. I am flexible as a person and can take on various roles in a group but tend to gravitate towards specialist rather than leader.

Operating systems/Platforms Linux, Windows, Android
Programming/scripting C, C++, Java, Python, Matlab
Tools & Methods Git, SVN, Eclipse, Agile Development, Continuous Integration, MISRA, IBM DOORS, make, gcc, LaTex, Keras
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Software Developer
2014 – 2019

During this time I executed several different assignments and tasks presented below:

  • I was part of a team handling algorithms for camera calibration in the camera system aimed at cars. To reach sufficient performance in its different functionalities, the camera is required to be calibrated towards its surroundings. Our team developed, tested, documented, and evaluated several different calibration algorithms for both stereo and mono systems run either online or offline.
  • As a result of my great technological interest and curiosity in the entirety I was chosen to be a part of various temporary work forces. These work forces was put together to create the code that linked the different algorithms together.
  • During a period of time I was a part of a workforce that worked on improving the testability of the product. 
  • Towards the end of this assignment I worked on visualisations of the algorithms and helping systems for analysing the performance and testing.

C, C++, Python, MISRA, Git, Continuous Integration, Eclipse, Linux, GoogleTest, QA-C, MKS

Software Developer

2012 – 2014

During this assignment I was a part of a team tasked with testing a part system in an aircraft according to RTCA DO-178B LevelA. This included developing a test framework in C/C++ using GoogleTest and then creating integration tests for the system using the framework. We also worked a lot on requirement reviews and creating test specifications as the presence of a documentational chain from requirement, via code to test was important. 

C, C++, Git, Eclipse, Linux, GoogleTest, IBM DOORS

Software Developer
2011 – 2012

In the project I was part of a team that translated algorithms from MATLAB to C for the embedded system run in the vehicle camera. The product is a system where a night vision camera (FIR) is used to detect pedestrians and animals but also presents images and warnings on a display. I worked mainly on the image presentation that was done using an accelerator chip called VICP, and on the warning logics.

C, Python, MISRA, Git, QA-C, MATLAB, MKS

Software Developer
2010 – 2011

My first assignment as a consultant was for a company that created 3D maps. I was part of a small team of two people that created an Ipad-application for connecting their 3D-map module with searches in a ”yellow page”- database.



Expansion of my master thesis (C++ library SkePU) as a part of the EU project PEPPHER

C++, templates, OpenCL, CuDA, OpenMP, SVN