Johan Walldén

Get to know Johan:

I am an eager to learn person with a deep technical and wide scientific interest that I am very driven and keen on continuing developing. I am especially interested in what can be accomplished when different scientific areas are connected by the use of technology. It is based on this background that I studied for my Master of Science in Engineering Physics with Electrical Engineering, focusing on exactly that, electrical engineering, where the connection between technology and the surrounding world happens.

I am comfortable in assignments and projects whose purpose is to develop useful products, preferably technically challenging. This coincides with my knowledge, experience and interest in development of embedded systems where hardware near software development, electronics and system design is an inherent part.

I am glad to see development where the result is useful for and creates the basis for a benefital future development Many of the best technical solutions are those that start out as a simple idea, to slowly develop into the desired outcome. I therefore put a lot of importance in working in teams where there is room for discussions starting from a humble idea. This gives a positive inner dynamics to the team, that I consider the success factor for seeing and reaching common goals and purposes for the assignment. I consider myself a team player who appreciates working in a team but who can also take on a team leading role.

Being responsible for a task in a project and contribute to its development and at the same time be challenged and develop myself and my surroundings, are the situations I appreciate the most and do myself the most justice.

Operating systems/Platforms Linux, Windows
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, Matlab, Simulink, Ada, Verilog, Bash
Tools DOORS, Git, SVN, Jira, Stash, LaTeX, Jenkins, Eclipse, SCons, Cadence, Modelsim, Quartus, MS Office
Abilities/Experience/Knowledge Embedded-development, Real time systems, System-on-Chip and FPGA development, Mixed-Signal IC-design, Integration work, Agile development, Scrum, Continuous Integration, Requirement management/Verification, Tool development
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Consultant, Software Developer
2016 – Present
Working with an abstraction layer between the hardware + OS and the image processing algorithms in the company’s vision systems. Also specialised drivers for the specific hardware. The production code is written in C whilst the test frameworks and the build systems are written in Python.
System Engineer
2014 – 2016
Worked as part of the group responsible for developing and delivering the software component handling the air plane simulation in the company’s flight simulators used for both devekopement and pilot training purposes. The work entailed creating requirements for and verification of the simulator architecture, integration of part system air plane models and interfacing the different teams developing the different parts of the air planes. The programming had been a lot about adapters, proxies, the transition between different programming languages and real time performance.