John Hansson

John Hansson

Get to know John:

John is an experienced software developer with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with the master in Automation and Control Engineering. His greatest incentive is to constantly widen hs area of knowledge, regardless if it is understanding new technology or how to bake the ”perfect” bread. John feels there is always something new to learn and according to him there is no such thing as unnecessary knowledge.

The feedback from previous employments and colleagues about John is that he is very happy and generates positive energy for his surroundings. He is perceived as receptive and meticulous and combined with his excellent technical knowledge and great interest in technology, he makes a fine engineer, problem solver and software developer.

From John’s perspective his greatest strengths is his ability to communicate and cooperate with people and bring positive relations. This together with his deep and wide knowledge and interest in technology creates important prerequisites for him and his team to drive the work and development forward. John feels he brings enthusiasm to work, is driven in his endeavours and is open and easy to create a personal relation to for the people surrounding him. As a colleague he is hard-working, meticulous, curious, positive and loves a challenge that also brings an opportunity for growth.

John is very social and appreciates spending time with his girlfriend and friends. He enjoys playing games of different kinds and watching movies. His great interest in technology also takes up a lot of his off-work time. He has always liked to create, both during and after his education he has spent his spare time doing different hobby projects. The process of creation and programming in different forms has often played a central role. During his education he started to program microcontrollers (AVR) and etching his own circuit boards. The interest in CAD led him to acquire a 3D-printer and his latest acquisition a VR headset.

John wants to work in assignments where he has the opportunity to work in software development close to the end product, gladly in hardware near programming. He is happy to challenge himself and would appreciate, given the opportunity, to work in automation and control engineering, which is a perfect match to his experience, interest and education.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Unix (AIX), Linux (Ubuntu)
Programming/Scripting C, C++, C#, KSH, Powershell, VB, SQL, HTML, Javascript
Tools & Methods Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, TDD – Test Driven Development, Build Automation, Jenkins, Git, SVN, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket Eclipse, Visual Studio, Kanban, Agile/Lean, PLM, VPM, Catia, Microsoft Office
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description

Software Developer

2016 – 2018

Investigation, design and implementation of system adaptations in Catia and VPM. The development is mainly done in C++ towards third party APIs where the source code is unavailable. The adaptations involves everything from front-end functionality for the user to back-end solutions to meet law requirements.

C++, CAA, SQL, KSH, AIX, Windows, Kanban, Git, SVN, Jenkins, Eclipse, Continuous Integration, Reverse Engineering, Catia, VPM, PLM

System Developer, Team Leader

2014 – 2015

Troubleshooting, development and supervision of systems and integrations. A lot of focus was put on improving stability and improving the efficiency of the current solutions. Team Leader of six people.

C#, C++, KSH, Powershell, VB, SQL, HTML, Javascript, CSS, AIX, Windows, SVN, Kanban, Visual Studio

Software Maintenance

2012 – 2013

Installation and operation of new and existing CAD environments in several different projects. The work included trouble-shooting and handling of customer reported incidents and compilation and distribution of of new code. Automated the manual compilation process for existing development.

Catia, VPM, PLM, AIX, Windows, SVN, KSH, Visual Studio, Continuous Deployment