Jonas Lundmark

Get to know Jonas:

Jonas studied at the Linköping University and has a Master of Science in Traffic Information from the program of Communication and Transport System. He has a long experience from working in different roles and in different projects with customers who deliver partial systems to customers in the vehicle industry.

He is a genuine team player who is driven and makes sure things get done without ever compromising on quality. He is very target oriented and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves walk the extra mile to get to where you need to be.

Jonas is very technically interested and is passionate about working in projects where individuals and technology meet to commonly reach the stipulated targets. He is also very communicative and receptive which makes him an excellent fit for roles that require a lot of contact with many of the project’s participants and stakeholders.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows
Programming/scripting C++, Java, C#, Python
Tools & Methods Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Atlassian Jira/Confluence, Agile,  SolidWorks, Injection  Moulding, DOORS, MKS, Monitor, PLM. Microsoft Office
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Product Owner 201801 – present Product owner at a car safety company
Technical Project Manager
201502 – 201801
Technical project manager for customer project in injection moulding of plastic bonded magnets. Responsible for a couple of different projects with the purpose of developing tools and peripheral devices for an efficient production of injection moulded magnets mainly for customers in the vehicle industry. The work was continuously improving to reach the requirements of ISO TS 16949, a standard for quality management system for suppliers for the automotive industry.
Funcional Owner 201108 – 201502  Functional owner in a customer project regarding development of active security systems  towards some of the largest car manufacturers in the world. The work entailed keeping a close contact with the customer and a tight collaboration with the project managers, system engineers, software engineers and data collectors and through this optimise and solve the problem that arose for the function. During this time the development work was changed to a more agile and scrum inspired way of working including continuous integration and continuous testing as a natural part of the work.
System Engineer 200803 – 201108  System Engineer in customer projects regarding the development of telematic system for customers in the automotive industry. The work consisted manily of requirement handling, from the reception of the customers requirements with discussions, development and clarification of these requirements, to more administrative tasks like handling the requirement database dealing with requirement handling and follow up.