Jörgen Karlsson

Get to know Jörgen:

In 1980 I was 12 years old and my father borrowed an ABC80 from work and that was when my passion for computers and programming saw the light of day. On said machine I learnt how to program BASIC and ever since, I have developed my skills in programming both as a hobby and above all, professionally. I have written programs for a whole bunch of different computers and environments. From the home computers of the 1980’s to modern Linux or Windows machines.

I like the intellectual challenge in taking an idea for a product from idea to finished product ready to be launched. In that process, software design is many times crucial to get a good product and it is important to understand how the software is a part of an entire system and ties on the other areas of a product. I am comfortable in leading and responsible roles and gladly see myself in the roles of software architect, system designer, SCRUM master, technical leader or team leader. I am passionate about technology and want to work close to it where there is room  for and possibility to contribute to the product, primarily the development of the software.

The feedback I have received from previous employments and assignments is that I am technically competent, prestigeless, and inquisitive. That I have a strong ability for problem solving and analysis that manifests itself in my quick understanding of new systems and technologies enabling fast delivery of results. That I by my actions as a leader help teams develop, making individuals more engaged to come together and perform and deliver towards their goals. I consider myself to have a good sense of details combined with a feeling for connections and understanding of the entirety of a system. I am dynamic and fast to adopt to new conditions and I put a great pride in delivering what is requested. Over the years I have learnt a lot about, and actively worked for, creating value for all involved stakeholders, regardless if it is owners, customers or colleagues.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, .NET, Windows CE .NET, Unix/Linux, Green Hills µVelocity
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, COM, ATL, C#, JavaScript, Matlab/Simulink, PHP, PERL, Assembler (6502, Z80, MC68000, ARM, x86)
Tools & Methods Git, Subversion, ClearCase, GCC, GDB, Eclipse, NetBeans, make, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, SCRUM, Continuous Integration, Build Management
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
System Team Leader
Jun 2016 – Present
As the team leader of the system team in a customer project I am responsible for introducing new project members to the the systematisation work and leading and planning the work of the team. The rest of my time is spent participating in the work of the team describing requirements and architecture for the system that fulfils the customers every demand.
Technical Lead
Jan 2015 – Jun 2016
Worked as technical lead on the department of maintenance with responsibility to plan, drive and follow up on maintenance activities together with maintenance engineers and system owners.
Project Manager
Sep 2014 – Jan 2015
Project manager for a new product during the industrialisation phase. The work and the responsibility was focused on leading and driving the work of developing a new production line.
Project Manager
Oct 2013 – Aug 2014
Project manager for electronics and software in a project where a high speed train for the Italian market was developed. The part of the project that was based in Sweden delivered all software and electronics for the train.
Project Manager /Technical Leader
Jan 2011 – Sep 2013
Project Manager/Technical Leader for several project including development of ECU:s (Electronic Control Units) to the different car types of a car manufacturer.
Software Architect/Project Manager
Sep 2006 – Dec 2010
Software Architect/Project Manager  for development of a product platform for a company’s future soft starters. I was responsible for evaluation and choice of micro controllers, real time OS and development environment.
Architect & Software Developer
Jan 1998 – Aug 2006
During my years at this company I participated in several different projects for development of operator interfaces in the form of a small hand held computer with a touch screen. I was also responsible for the simulation engine in the company’s PC products. The simulation engine is a cross compilation of their robotic steering system to a Windows environment.