Katarina Ekholm

Katarina EkholmGet to know Katarina:

I am a person who is curious and very eager to learn and is the most comfortable in development projects where I have the opportunity to learn about the system at the same time that I contribute with my engagement, my curiosity and my knowledge. To be challenged in my work and always grow through new experiences and knowledge, both as an engineer and as a person, is a great incentive for me.

I am very target oriented and so I never give up when faced with problems. Instead I make sure to work with them, alone or with the team, until there is a satisfactory solution. I always make sure to fully understand the things I work with to be able to use that knowledge to solve issues in the future. I appreciate and have a good ability to work in close collaboration with other people in a team where there is plenty of opportunity to contribute as an individual and to guarantee that the team reaches our set targets and deliveries.

I see myself in assignments where I can be close to the technology with software development within embedded systems and I am extra happy to work with function- and algorithm-development. I find that area extra enjoyable and interesting and it ties on to my experiences and knowledge from previous assignments and from my education in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with a Master in Control and Information Systems, specialized in signal processing and control engineering.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Ubuntu/Unix/Linux, Solaris
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Matlab/Simulink, Python, Pascal, Java
Tools & Methods Eclipse, jEdit, Sublime Text, Git, TortoiseSVN, Jira, LaTeX, Microsoft Office, Agile development
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Consultant, Algorithm Developer
Mar 2017- Present
Developing calibration algorithms for mono and stereo camera systems based on image processing. Implementation in C, with tooling and prototyping mostly in Python. Agile way of working.
System Engineer/System Developer
Jan 2016- Mar 2017
Worked with running and maintaining the integration of Radar and Identification system of a military aircraft. Worked both with software development, requirements and testing at the level closest to the software
Jan 2015 – Jun 2015
Project employment. Worked with the development of an algorithm for positioning between divers in an under water network based on ultra sound.
Master Thesis
Aug 2014 – Jan 2015
Developed an algorithm and an implementation of a sonar in an under water unit for divers.