Mathias Mattsson

Mathias Mattsson

Get to know Mathias:

As a person I am analytical and thorough and put great effort into always perform at the height of my abilities. Quality and customer focus are very important to me I, this pushes me to constantly develop to be able to reach targets and deliveries with the best possible  results. Creative tasks are what makes me the most fulfilled and I find it spurring and motivating to face and learn about new challenging problems and advanced technology. I am the most happy working in a team I enjoy learning from others and teaching in return. From my previous employment I have received the feedback that I am easy to work with, that my commitment has been very appreciated and that I have facilitated the work of my colleagues in the projects I have been involved with.  
Projects close to the technology in programming and function and algorithm development within embedded system interest me in the same way that assignments more focused on requirements and system solutions does. With the experience I have from my previous employment and my Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering with a specialty in Control and Information Systems targeting signal processing and control engineering, I feel both areas suit me well. Assignments with the possibility to practise my current knowledge and at the same time widen my competence are also much appreciated.

Operating systems/Platforms LTE, Windows
Programming/scripting C, C++, Python, Matlab/Simulink
Tools & Methods Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Eclipse, INCA, CANalyzer/CANoe, dSpace, LaTeX, Git
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Diagnostic Engineer
2015 – Present

Work in a team responsible for the diagnostic platform and external communication towards authorities and workshops, focusing on engine systems and exhaust post processing systems. The work has included development, design and requirement implementation, contacts with sub deliverer and test and verification of system and software.

Python, Matlab/Simulink, Autosar, INCA, CANalyzer/Canoe, CAN, SAFe, ISO 14299-1, SAE J1979, SAE J2012

Master Thesis
201501 – 201506

“Optimal Vehicle Speed Control Using a Model Predictive Controller for an Overactuated Vehicle”

Developed an MPC-regulator to coordinate the actuators in a car to control longitudinal acceleration. Both simulation and implementation in a car was done. The work resulted in a published article presented during the 8th IFAC Symposium on Advances in Automotive Control AAC 2016 Norrköping.

Matlab, Simulink, C, Control Engineering, Optimization, LaTeX

Programmer Summer Work
Worked as a programmer in a project to develop and increase efficiency in SIL – testing of the control system for transmission in vehicles.