Paul Nedstrand

Paul Nedstrand

Get to know Paul:

As an embedded systems engineer I am knowledgeable about both software and verification. I have mostly worked on different safety-critical systems or tooling around embedded systems.

As a person I am a social person and a good communicator. I have an easy time adapting to new circumstances. I am good at sharing my experience with others.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Linux/Unix, LTE
Programming/scripting C, C++, Java, Python, Matlab, VHDL, Bash
Tools & Methods Microsoft Office, Scons, Make, Cmake. Git, SVN, Jira, Jenkins, Gerrit, Target Process, Polarion, DOORS.
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description
Consultant, System-/ Softwaredeveloper 201805 – Present

Development of tire pressure indicator system where the role is to test the software for the new models in a certain carindustry. Product code developed in C/C++ and build-/test environment build on Jenkins, Python and Scons. Also test driving to verify the product code in vehicle where the signals are checked on CAN.

Python, C, C++, SCons, Matlab, Simulink, Git, Jenkins, CAN ,  Continuous Integration, MISRA, RSM

Consultant, Verification-/ Softwareengineer
201709 – 201805

Worked on testing and verification of measurement systems with security class SIL class 2. The work included funcional testing of the system and verification of requirements.

C, Python


Development of software for under water systems, mainly on torpedo and sonar systems.

C, C++