Per Henriksson

Per Henriksson

Get to know Per:

Per is a very engaged and driven engineer who throughout the years has worked in assignments as a software developer and in his latest assignment CSCI manager he had the additional responsibility to assure the team’s development work is according to the stipulated guidelines for quality, requirements and processes. Per has a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering  with a specialty in Control and Information Systems from Linköping University.

Per as a person is curious, open, honest and helpful and has a strong communicative ability. He is earnest and prestigeless in his approach to colleagues and is a pronounced team player. Per appreciates a challenge in his work and is happy to assimilate new knowledge. He likes to work with problem solving individually but also collaterally with his colleagues to find the working solutions.

Per is deliberative in his work to continually develop, both personally and in his work to improve the product. Per sees himself as a software developer but is happy to take on a technically leading role where he is still a part of the development process.

Operating systems/Platforms Linux, Windows, OS X
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, Erlang, C#, Java ,shell script, PERL, Matlab, Javascript
Tools & Methods Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Clearcase, Vim, SCRUM, Kanban, Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, SVM, Doors, Teamcenter, Dimensions, MySQL
Previous Assignments
Assignment Description

CSCI Manager

201610 – present

Responsible that the applications in the aeronautical project the team develops stay within the guidelines for quality, requirements and process stupulated within the company. CSCI (Computer Software Configurations Item) can be both application or libraries used within the project. Work includes software development, documentation and follow up on documentation.

C++, Bash, Python, Doors, Teamcenter, Git

Leave of Absence

201511 – 210609

Half a year of studies at Linköping University to finish some courses and his Master Thesis. Made a longer dream trip to Japan.

Software Developer

201503 – 201510

Continued in the same project as 201410 – 201501 after a short inpass at another company.

C++, Eclipse, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit

Software Developer

201501 – 201503

Development of tools for analysis of test data for a camera based system. Development in C# and .Net to read data form CAN-traffic and match it to fhe information from tha camera based system.  This assignment was a planned short inpass to cover for a colleague during their parental leave.

C#, .Net, Python

Software Developer

201410 – 201501

Development of test tool for load and capacity testing of a base station. Worked partly in developing the test tool and partly in supporting users of said tool. Work was performed using either SCRUM or Kanban.

C++, Eclopse, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit

Software Developer

201310 – 201409

Worked with development of tools to handle and track the hard drives and the data on them. The tool included handling of data base cinnections through MySQL and execution of external scripts developed in Python. The requirement specification was devloped elsewhere in Europe and all communication was done in English.

C#, MySQL, Python